Sunday, April 23, 2006

Little Help?

I was wondering if anyone wanted me to talk about any specific problems or solutions you have regarding learning and such. I'd like to know where to focus my attention in the coming weeks, especially since the exam season is coming to a close.

I was thinking of ways to keep your mind active in the summer, or something like that.

As well, I was hoping that if you like my site you could do any or none of the following:
  • Tell people about it.
  • Keep coming back (to bookmark press Ctrl-D).
  • Tell me ways I can improve the site/content.
  • Tell me what you like.
I promise I will read all the comments and emails I receive. And for the comments made within the posts, sorry if I didn't reply. I really do appreciate all the good things people have said. Oh, but could we try not using any names that end in "poo" on the internet... Thanks.

So thanks again for the support and just for visiting, there's a new post right below this one. Unless you were here like 5 minutes ago.

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At 5:33 PM, Blogger *ellie* said...

darling, i love everything you put on this little blog of yours. and i already bookmarked it and have told people about it (but i'll keep doing so if you want me to).

for summer:
-how to stay on top of things intellectually (people's i.q. actually goes down during the summer-how can we prevent that?) ; maybe a list of good books in different subject areas that we can read to keep thinking ; how to stay sane in a sucky job

wuv you! muah
see you friday?


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