Wednesday, March 28, 2007

EduBlogger Event07?!

I am pleased to announce that yours truly, Joshua, will be taking part in a virtual education event, EduBlogger Event 07, this Saturday, March 31st. And of course, you are invited.

So the first question: What does this mean?

All day Saturday, people on the educational blogosphere (yeah, I said it) will be posting various topics for discussion at the Supercool School blog, and then there will be an online discussion in the comments section regarding the post.

Second question: Is this for real?

Hell yes! Check out the post on Steli Efti's site to get some more information. My post will come at 11AM Eastern time (2PM Pacific), and I'll be around to answer questions and discuss the "Zen of Studying".

I'd like to thank Steli Efti for hosting this event, and for inviting me to post. It's going to be a great one, so come check it out!

This Saturday! Be there! You don't even need pants!

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