Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Carnival of Education

As an educational blogger, I've found there are many others out there who share a passion for teaching and education alike. So I'd like to link to the 66th Carnival of Education over at HUNBlog.

If you don't know what a carnival is in an internet sense, basically it is a collection of links all relating to one topic (education in this case). The host and links change weekly or monthly.

Specifically the HUNBlog from Professor Brad Hoge is an interesting read for me, as he speaks from the perspective of a science professor, and I am a student of the sciences.

I'd like to thank Professor Hoge for linking to this site, specifically to the How to Keep Mentally Active in the Summer post -- which is always good to check out... Hint hint.

If you enjoyed this post, maybe you'll enjoy the others. Please bookmark this page (Ctrl-D) or check out the archive/categories to the right. Better yet, tell a friend!



At 3:38 PM, Blogger *ellie* said...

it would be much more entertaining if it was actually a carnival.

congratulations for being linked to! i personally loved that post

p.s. do the amount of comments that i post on this thing qualify me as a stalker? i'm not meaning to be, just want to support you!

p.p.s. jenna informs me you are getting your wisdom teeth out and this is why you are not coming to her birthday party! poor excuse! i got mine out the week before may 24 weekend, and i was still fine! surgery + partying = love


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