Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Beginnings of Personal Growth

For the longest time, I was always fascinated in how things work and the little intricacies of life's puzzles. That fascination developed into a burning desire to learn and excel in my academic life. I'd read hundreds of books before I turned the age of 6. That continued into my adolescent life right up until the end of high school where my self-motivation and desire to do much of anything peaked and then came crashing down like 747. After that, it took me about 2 years to get back to where I once was, and here I am today.

My theory is that personal growth is rooted in two things: Accountability and Independence

If you want to start to get out of whatever rut you're in, you need to get those two things.

Accountability - what is it, and where can I get some?

What it is:

It is the simple concept of taking. Taking control of your life, taking what belongs to you and taking every and all opportunities available to you. It is taking responsibility for your actions and reaching a level of maturity that accepts and faces the consequences of said actions. A person who doesn't run from negative consequences is a person who is accountable. If you only take the positive and do not take the negative, then you are not accountable, you are a coward.

Gettin' Some:
  • Make a conscious effort to be accountable. Think it. Believe it. Do it.
  • Do not blame others, no matter what. Even if it appears to be some one else's problem and you are affected, you, in almost every circumstance, can do something about it.
    • Ex: Roommate pissing you off? Leave. Talk to the person. Move out.
    • Ex: Not liking school? Stop going. Change Programs. Find something you love.
  • Internalize every aspect of your life. You and only you have the ultimate control on what direction your life heads into.
  • Grow a pair. Face your fears. I believe someone said, there's nothing greater to fear but fear itself.
Independence -

What it is:
It is solitude. Being alone. Being NOT DEPENDENT. Yes, I realize you, me and everyone else understands the definition of independence, but few and far between experience it. True independence is when your reliance on others is minimal or nonexistent.

Gettin' Some:
  • Lose some friends. Face it, some friends you have are useless. Cut them out.
  • Rely on no one. Until you can satisfactory say, "I am happy. I can survive by myself." You should not be dependent on others, especially if you can't even depend on yourself.
  • Do it yourself. Stop seeking help, do it yourself for a change, learn something.
Those are the things a person has to do to truly grow. Obviously, I'm no suggesting blaming yourself for everything, but you should definitely seek your own faults before you seek others. Since you're reading this website, I was presume you've probably experience to some degree accountability or independence, but I challenge you to push it to further boundaries and achieving greater goals.

Personal growth is not like Christianity, you can't pay lip service every Sunday and expect results. You gotta be like a Mormon, go out there, believe it, breathe it, be it, and convert some heathens.

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At 11:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once you achieve independence are you allowed to interact with other people again? I think that people who are completely independent are lonely and hence less happy.

At 7:40 PM, Blogger Shan said...

Whoa, Danny is so much more hardcore than Josh. Scary.

At 6:35 PM, Blogger Danny Dang said...

You can always rely on people, I wasn't saying don't have friends and hole yourself in a dark shed and be a hermit. What I was trying to say is grow up, be an independent thinker, and don't rely and friends and family often. There are people who measure their self-worth externally, when in fact, it should be an internal measure.

Hope that explains it.

Shan: Yes. I am hardcore.


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